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CinuxLoader is a console application written in C that download automatic files from file hosting services like RapidShare.

Support file hosting services



Required packets (all distributions):

Special packets for Ubuntu/Debian:

Special packets for Gentoo/Arch:

How to install the Open-Source version:

Download the latest tar.bz2 package:

tar xf cinux-loader-*tar.bz2
cd cinux-loader-*
./configure --sysconfdir=/etc
sudo make install

Or alternatively - check out subversion repository:

Unstable: svn co
Stable: svn co

cd unstable / cd stable
./configure --sysconfdir=/etc
sudo make install

How to install the Closed-Source version:

Download the latest binary package for your architecture:

tar xf cinux-loader-*tar.bz2
cd cinux-loader-*
sudo make install


Conf file, log file and fail list are in $HOME/.cinux-loader

For premium support activate direct downloads in your account settings

cinux-loader [CONTAINERS... LISTS... URLS..] [OPTIONS...]

For more infomation look into the man file (man cinux-loader)


	-h, --help		Show this message
	-v, --version		Show program version
	--check			Check files
	--daemon		Run CinuxLoader in daemon mode
	--shutdown		Shutdown when all downloads finished
	--link-no=[x-y]/[x]	Load from link no. x to link no. y or load anything from link no. x
	--hotfolder=[DIR]	Load each list and container from this directory and check it repeatedly for changes
	--no-reconnect		Don't execute the reconnect script
	--no-continue		Don't continue the partially-downloaded file
	--no-overwrite		Don't overwrite an exist file
	--cl-dir=[DIR]		Use the specified CinuxLoader directory instead of the default ($HOME/.cinux-loader)


New ideas and missing features can be reported at Feature Requests

Bugs can be reported to Bug Reports

You can read the discussion at the geman gulli:board

Or write me an email:

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